The International Skill Summit

Skill and knowledge are the real drivers of socio-economic growth in any progressive society. Kerala’s skill levels have never been better. Every year, approximately 60,000 students are undergoing state-of-the-art training in vocational skills. The global employability basics, such as technical talent, literacy, numeracy and team building skills are at par with international standards.

Focus on vocational education and training in Kerala has gone a long way in up-skilling and integrating young people into the labour market. Department of Labour and Skills, Government of Kerala has made a clear commitment to raising the status of vocational education and training to develop industry-responsive and globally employable manpower. Nypunyam 2016 –The International Skill Summit & Fiesta is one such initiative by the government to look at skill enhancement in a brand new way and give skill development activities a paradigm shift.

Nypunyam 2016 – The International Skill Summit & Skill Fiesta will be jointly organized by Directorate of Employment and Training (DET) and Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE).

The weekend long summit will have participation from corporate leaders, heads of governments, mission directors from skill development missions in the country, foreign dignitaries, renowned academicians and eminent personalities from around the world. It will be a platform for the state to discuss and deliberate on strategies and formulae to take skill development in Kerala to a new level.

Summit topics

  • Integration of skill with education.
  • International best practices in skill development.
  • Skill initiatives in India.
  • Industry perspective on skilling
  • Way forward for Kerala in skill development.
  • Perspectives of state partners.